Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two four-letter words!


Can you see some yarnovers in there? Such an easy pattern, amost as relaxing as straight stockinette.


A photo of me, with a bunch of cute kindergarteners at the first annual BOOKtastic day at our school. The best school ever, I might add. (Hi Kim!) Two more weeks of school, not that I'm counting or anything.
I was also tagged to do a meme, and if you want to read about me, click here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Decisions, decisions

Can't decide between socks and lace?

Do both!

What's a little "startitis" between friends? I am trying out my Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn. Now if you don't know about Noro, it is this Japanese yarn that has fabulous color changes. Their yarn in my opinion is scratchy, even Silk Garden, which I used for my entrelac scarf. It even has bits of "organic matter" for good measure, mostly bits of hay I guess. I used Noro Kureyon worsted weight for my Chevron Scarf that has gotten lots of "hearts" on Ravelry, but it is so scratchy I have never even woven in the ends and worn it.

Anyway, the sock yarn is scratchier than ever. I can't believe it is supposed to be a sock that is worn on human skin. Why did I buy it? I guess I wondered what all the hype was about. Why am I knitting it? I don't really know. I have looked at all the projects with it on Ravelry and some people think it is great, and some don't. I guess I'm seeing for myself.

Then, just to shake up the sock production line a bit, I am using sock yarn (Pagewood Farms Yukon, color Navajo) to make the Stork's Nest Scarf by Nancy Bush from Piecework Magazine, issue Jan/Feb 2008. I haven't done lace in awhile, and it is fun. This is the first time I'm using sock yarn, so it will be a little more substantial than my normal Zephyr.

Anyway, I knew you would all be dying to know what I chose, so I thought I'd let you get back to wondering who the Bachelor chooses, if Kristi Yamaguchi can win Dancing, and which David wins American Idol. Too much suspense isn't good for the soul.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time Warp Socks and Don't Sheep Get Hot?

Hey -- it finally happened. The entrelac socks are finished. I feel like I worked on them FOREVER. Two months. That's a long time in sock knitting land.

They are tight. Entrelac doesn't stretch well. But since I spent an eternity on them I will MAKE them fit. Of course, once they are on, I may be wearing them awhile since I can't get them off, and since it will be 102 degrees here today, I pried them on for a quick photo and then pried them back off. They can stay in the drawer for awhile.

I've gotten myself some new reading material. I finally got my copy of Irresistible Gifts to Knit from England (notice my chicken as cover girl?) and now want to make everything on every page.
Carey brought me two books (aren't sisters great!). One was a mother's day gift (although I am not her mother, so she scores extra) and the other a "here have this". Either way, I'll take it.
The Harlot book is of course, funny so far, and I like it better than her last one. The other book is knitting with fine gauge yarns, and they have some nice designs. Especially these legwarmers/leggings that have cables and are very pretty. I do not need legwarmers. It is 102 degrees. But they are nice. Anyone with cold legs out there? I need to stick to knitting chickens and such things one does not have to wear.
Next on the knitting agenda is to finish my scarf I have started and find something else to knit. Here is where the ADD kicks in. I spent some time this morning thinking "Oh, maybe I'll make a pair of socks with the Cherry Tree Hill that has been staring at me for a few weeks." Then I think I'll knit them plain, then I decide that's too boring, then I look at patterns on Ravelry awhile, then I think "Ooo, how about lace?" Then I go look at the yarn from Stitches, then I see my Socks That Rock, then the cycle repeats itself. Verdict, nothing. I have basically rotated the yarn a little.
I have learned from this so far is that Ravelry is the best thing ever. I need a Ravelry for every other thing in my life. Ravelry for Librarians, for moms, for cooks (not that I cook, but it would be handy). All the possibilities are right there in front of you, linked to everything. FABULOUS. Now if I could just make a decision.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

My So Called Month of May

Quick update-

1. Socks are coming along at a snail's pace. I turned the heel on sock #2, and am coming up the leg. Not a lot of knitting time lately. Lots of distractions (remember the puppy?).

2. I'm all hot and bothered over the Kaffe Fassett cardigan in the new Vogue Knitting. Received part of the yarn. Haven't exactly ordered the rest. It calls for the background in Shamrock, but I'm thinking Black, so it is on hold until I'm in the shower and have a revelation. That's usually where they hit.

3. The sewing bug hit me a little. (Jean's fault) I found a cute pattern for a purse. I have now pulled out fabric and am letting that marinade in the brain.

4. While all that gets settled, I'm working on a "My So Called Scarf" in Manos Silk/Wool. The texture of this stitch pattern is amazing. If I set it down for more than a day I forget what I'm doing.

This is Stitches yarn, specifically door prize yarn. Three skeins, so it will be nice and long. Love it!

May is such a crazy month for everyone around here, if I can make it till the end I will be rewarded with a trip to SF for a Giants game and trip to my favorite LYS's. That's where I plan to look more closely at the Rowan Pure Wool DK that I need to get going on the cardigan. Big plans!

Meanwhile, entrelac awaits. These socks have been fun.