Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The End of the Blues

I'm trying to participate in Project Spectrum, where you create (knit), concentrating on certain colors for a period of two months. February and March were supposed to be blue, gray, and white.

I am not a blue lover. Sorry, I know most people like blue, I think blue is boring. Gray is even more boring. White is okay, I guess, but it is mostly an accent. This family doesn't do very well having white around. (Need an example? Grace tripped and dropped a purple berry smoothie on the carpet we were contemplating replacing. Now we've decided (ahem!) and the carpet guy comes Thursday)

I made Grace blue mittens. I made a gray scarf. Then came the middle of February and with it thoughts of pink and red and valentines. I love pink. Then came March and thoughts turned to green. I love green. Am deep in the middle of creating a really green felted bag. I'm almost done with the green and purple socks. Whoops, I was supposed to be doing blue and gray. (I know Tracy you are going to remind me of the gray/black/white sock yarn I bought. Just can't make myself do it.)

Anyway, thankfully April is just around the corner, and with it comes Pink, Green, and Yellow. Now those are some colors I can wrap my brain around. I have two skeins of new pink sock yarn and one of green. I could do an entire post about my green shoe collection. I could completely make up for being such a loser the first two months!

I'm also supposed to be doing a pair of socks every month. I've sort of been concentrating on Clapotis (which is going well) and ignoring my socks that I started in early March. Whoops. I need to make the deadline (or what? I don't know) so now I am knitting like a crazy woman. I actually always knit that way, but now I have a challenge. Yesterday I was on the ribbing, and by this afternoon, I had finished the gusset decreases. Hooray! The light is at the end of the tunnel! Doctor waiting rooms are good for something.
I am safely on the road to finishing the sock, and the blue thing I have completely abandoned. Not too bad. I'll post finished photos soon.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I've Come a Long Way, Baby

We are heavily into the spring cleaning around here. We got rid of the old computer in Alex's new room to make room for his bed and we now have to figure out how to move the bunk bed out of his room and across the house into the new room. We also decided that room needs new carpet but the move is going ahead anyway.

It is interesting to go through stuff I haven't seen in a long time. Maurice brought me a box of "fabric stuff" to go through and it contained needlepoint kits that were UFO's from a LONG time ago. I so do not plan to finish those. Needlepoint is BORING.

I also came across a bag with Swedish writing on it that contained pieces of a finished sweater I knitted when I was there that I never sewed together.
There is a lot to analyze here. First, was there really a time when this was in style (it was 1984)?
Second, here is living proof that I was not always a yarn snob, since it is 100% acrylic. It didn't feel that bad actually. The pattern called for 100%cotton, which would have been much better.
The pattern is written in Swedish, and I actually still understand it. I could whip anyone up one now if there is any interest out there.
Grace thought it was great fun to see, and thought it was knitting puzzle pieces. Then, for some reason, she went and got her Hi Ho CherryO game and put the little cherries on top of the sweater pieces. Maybe she has been looking over my shoulder as I read the yarnstorm blog?
I knew I had to take a picture of this knitting antique, in order to preserve my knitting past. This was not, however the first thing I knitted, that was another sweater that was a seafoam green cotton boatneck. I show you that if I get around to cleaning my closet.
One project at a time.

Friday, March 23, 2007


It's Friday! Hooray! I worked two days this week, which to most hard-working folk is a vacation, but to me is cause for a nap. I have been a substitute teacher for almost 6 years now. I like it, but some days are easier than others. 7th grade - instant headache. 3rd grade - bliss. Today was 3rd grade, and the sun is shining, and when I got home I had a package of items I bought at Etsy a few days ago - sock yarn!!

It was Sophie's toes sock yarn, and beautiful stuff too! I decided it needed to be shown off in natural light and with the spring grass as background instead of the living room carpet.

Isn't it pretty?

I have been knitting whenever I get the chance this week, at lunchtime in the classroom, at the orthodontist, and at Grace's dance class. Clapotis is coming along, and everytime it is time to drop a stitch I get all excited. Makes me feel like a knitting daredevil, letting the stitch drop off the needle. Of course, I check two or three times to make sure I'm dropping the right one before I let it slip. Must not be stupid.

I did finally graft the toe of the STR sock I started after Stitches. That one isn't going very quickly. I'm still all itchy to sew. This weekend I hope to make progress on our "musical children" project. That has nothing to do with music, but everything to do with moving Alex out of his room into the back room (formerly known as my sewing room/family room), moving Grace to Alex's old room, and giving Emily some space. All this has taken forever, and will continue to take up good crafting time. What a pain. It has caused me to go through a lot of old junk, I mean stuff, that I have not even looked at for a long time.
Spring cleaning weekend! Yikes, that sounds scary.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Green Bag to be

I decided the green bag doesn't need the Squiggle sewn on pre-felting. I have bound off the bag, and it is ready to take a ride to Nolamom's and be felted. Then I can finish.

Here are the parts next to their friend Bobble Bag, which was made from the same base pattern. I have chosen a silly green print for the lining, and a Dr. Seuss handle that I thought captured the spirit of the whole thing.

I am plugging away with Clapotis. I actually have dropped one stitch, which I am supposed to do. I repeat that section twelve more times (12 rows per section). I have a lot of knitting left to go.

I am in the mood to sew. That mood doesn't strike very often. I have to work on Thursday and Friday, so the mood may pass before I get there. I have lots of ideas floating around my head, but I'm not sure how to get them created. I need to have a play day.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Birthday Greetings

Everyone knows me pretty well. Yesterday was my birthday and I was showered with love from all angles. Mom, Carey, Tracy, and I went on a shopping jaunt (not too far, because we have a 2:30 pm curfew) and we shared a nice lunch and a nice time browsing some cute shops.

At lunch, Tracy presented me this-
from her trip to Italy and Ancient Pathways. And thanks to my raging and plunging hormone levels, it made me cry. Plus, having witnessed her friendship during the dog licking crisis, I was overcome.

Carey kept telling every store we went in that it was my birthday and they kept giving me freebies. It was funny, and fun. I did some "happy birthday to me" yarn purchasing at Knitter's Haven (after all, it is not February anymore) with some cotton purply yarn for something for Grace (maybe a summer thing?). Talked to Ellen, the owner of the store, and found out it is for sale. So sad, because I really like the store a lot, and because if I lived there I would want it. But I don't, so there goes that opportunity. Can't see moving the entire family an hour away from home so Cindy can own a yarn store. Hmm, don't think so.

Later in the day, went back to Carey and Mom's to deposit several children for the evening, and was presented with this --
A knitting bag to end all knitting bags. Others may call this little (it is really big, actually) beauty a bag, but to me it is a knitting bag extraordinare. And, yes, Tracy, it is a Vera Bradley (she was the best rep ever).


And mom had already given me two books I so thoughfully picked out for her to get me at Stitches. Wow. I'm speechless.

Even Maurice (not that he doesn't usually do well, really, he is a very thoughtful husband) got into the act. He tracked down Ancient Pathways, and came home with this-

Sock yarn and my first pair of ebony dpn's. Gotta love a man who buys sock yarn.

I was also given love from several other places, Suzelle with a cute little knitting notebook she created, and Chrissy with a coffee card (caffeine is my friend). Thank you everyone for making my birthday very nice. I am proud to have such good friends.

On the knitting side, Clapotis is coming along. It no longer resembles lingerie, just a large triangle. Soon I will be done increasing and onto the straight part. Then I get to drop stitches, on purpose! Exciting stuff.

Happy Birthday Mom (yes, I was born a day too early). And Happy St. Patrick's day to everyone!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When Old Ladies Attack

Fabric stores are scary. Usually it is because I have to avoid temptation. Books, fabric, yarn, this-n-that, and the ever present coupon that screams from the bottom of the purse.

Well today, they got REALLY scary. Tracy and I were minding our own business in line when this crazy woman with a dog in her cart and two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver yarn in there too starting getting very close to us in line and then her dog LICKED ME! And when I said (not hostile or anything honestly) that I didn't appreciate her dog licking me, she proceeded to attack! She said it was my "fault" because I moved my arm, and the dog just thought my arm was a piece of meat! Can you imagine? She had been moving closer and closer to us with her cart, very agressively, like she was trying to push us out of her way. It was very odd. The dog was not a service dog of any sort either, just a little dog unlucky enough to have a owner that is nuts.

Anyway, at that point Tracy's claws came out, and the manager was called to subdue her (the old lady, not Tracy) so we could make it into the parking lot without her setting her little dog on attack mode to lick us any more. Tracy said she wasn't worried because if need be Tracy could "take her." Thank goodness I have friends to protect me from crazy old ladies.

Yarn stores are nicer. In fact, just thinking about the incident makes me want to go there now. I think I need a glass of wine.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cupcakes everywhere!

Good Things dabbled in the world of the cupcake yesterday. We made lots - some like flowers, Easter baskets, bunnies, shamrocks, snowflakes and even a teacup.

Here is Lori starting her bunny--

And here is Tracy showing off her Latte' (she's a coffee gal)--

And Karley and Emily proved that it is never too early to be creative with frosting--

Everyone went home with several different creations and a knitted cupcake party favor courtesy of Nolamom (I made a few).

Speaking of knitting, I made a decision. Can you tell what this is going to be?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

What should I do next?

Tomorrow the cupcake extravaganza will take place. I think I'm prepared.

I am done with one of the socks, the other one is easy knitting that I shouldn't rush through because it is always good to have some brainless knitting for the unexpected knitting situation, should the need arise and all.

The green bag is stuck in "How to do the top" dilemma, just need to sit down and do it.

I started a lace scarf from knit picks laceweight, but it isn't thrilling me. Plus, I'm sort of itching to use some of the fabulous stuff I got at Stitches.


What should it be? Pat's shawl she just finished makes me want to do some lace. I think I may be the only knitblogger in the world not to have done Clapotis, should I use the interlacements yarn I have been saving for such a project? I have the No Sheep For You book with some interesting things in it. Same with the Favorite Sock book. And the Vintage sock and Socks for the Road books, now that I've actually seen the socks, I need to get in some Nancy Bush-ness.
I have yarn for a cable sweater. Melissa Leapman's book has a great sweater in it that I could try.

I have no idea what I should do first. Any suggestions?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Frosting alert!

Nolamom and I had cupcake practice day. We made the cutest cupcake that turns into a teacup. See?

That is the best one. The cupcake bottom is covered in softened candy melts, and candy melts make up the saucer and handle. Icing swirl and little piped hearts are topped with candy melts turned into steam.

Here are the rest we practiced with. We are also going to do a little easter basket with green coconut for grass and pipe cleaners bent for the handle. Oh and a bunny made with marshmallows. Ill show those when I make them Monday.

Edit: I deleted the photos and reloaded them. I did them the same way I always do, so maybe Blogger is having a bad day.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It was truly painful...

Emily signed up for a junior high elective at her school to make things using the "Nifty Knitter." While appalled that I may be associated with such "fake knitting," I am a supportive mom, and realize that the alternatives weren't all that great.

Then she told me what supplies she needed. Nifty Knitter loom, ok. Then she said the words that made me nearly swoon. Two skeins of yarn they sell by the pound. WHAT? Not that. Not only acrylic, but acrylic of the "pound o'yarn" variety. I told her she might need to find someone else to take her to the store, in case I was spotted. Worse than being caught at Kmart.

Anyway, we went, we sought yarn, we bought.
I am officially a Yarn Snob.
On other topics, the green bag is actually resembling a bag now. My dilemma now is I want to put Squiggle on the top. Do I do it before or after felting? Hmmm... I don't know. I think I have to do a swatch and wash it. Stay tuned.
I am working now on cupcakes for the Good Things cupcake extravaganza on Monday night. We will be decorating cupcakes in all sorts of cute ways and everyone will take home a cute knitted cupcake like I posted earlier. Nolamom is helping me in this endeavor (meaning she had made 5 and I have made parts of one). Stay tuned for more on that topic as well.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Second Happiest Place on Earth

Went to Disneyland for three days. I've now decided if it truly wants to be the happiest place on earth, it needs yarn stores. No sign of knitting anywhere. I went from Stitches, where people knit 24/7 everywhere you turn (even, I suspect, in the bathroom) to Disneyland, where you stand around a lot waiting, and yet, no one takes advantage of the primo knitting time. Hmm. The contrast was glaring. At least to me.

Mickey says hello. Or at least nodded hello.

I did knit during the car ride. I didn't have much light on the drive down, and coming home I was kind of tired, so I wasn't too productive. You can't always be on top of your game.

I came home to this--

A little knitted cupcake surprise. Very cute Nolamom!