Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Gary and I moved into our first home about a month ago. We still have boxes everywhere, but I'm starting to attack things room by room. I started, of course, with the smallest room in the house, the guest bathroom.

It started small, with a whimsical spur of the moment purchase of a shower curtain at Target. It was a series of Peanuts cartoons, all showing the Peanuts Gang in various shower-related scenes. It was trimmed in red and just spoke to me. I've always thought Peanuts was a great comic strip and I thought it would be a fun way to perk up our guest bathroom.

Once it was installed, I couldn't help but transform the rest of the room. I got some cheap art canvases and some paint, did a quick Internet search for comic strips (OK, so I got distracted and read Peanuts strips for about 2 hours, but who is counting?) and printed out my favorites. With all apologies to Charles Schultz, I got my carbon paper and traced the images on the canvases, painted on the color and outlined it all with a permanent marker.

To top it all off, I found a Woodstock toy from a kids meal that's been floating around my office for years, clipped him to some fun-colored towels and here's the result!

These four little ones I've put on the wall above the potty. I left these black and white, more like a four-panel cartoon than a painting.

This one is the largest of the set. I was all finished, when I realized I had this big empty space by the towel rack by the mirror. I couldn't have that, so I made a bold statement with a larger canvas.

This is the three canvas paintings and a glimpse of the shower curtain that started it all, and Woodstock, who ties it all together.

What do you think?