Thursday, January 31, 2008

Carey creates!

SO... this head cold is really getting me down. But it has allowed me the time to create a little diddy for my friend Shelly.

Tracy actually was the inspiration for this little coffee book. She had one casually lying on the table as we came in. I, of course, sprinted toward the little scrapbooking bit of joy. It is a little gift-card holder friendship book made out of -- get this -- a coffee sleeve! How cool is that?

I simply cut the sleeve open and used it as a pattern to cut colored paper to cover the top (and disguise the logo on the sleeve). I also cut inside pages and decorated them with ribbons and stickers. The last page of the book, on the inside back cover, is simply a folded piece of paper that I attached with a dimensional dot. The dimension allows the gift card to simply slide right in!

What a fun way to invite my friend to coffee! (If you're reading this, Shelly, await a hand-delivered message from your husband this evening!)

Here's what the insides look like:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Evidence of Knitting Revealed

I have been knitting! Not as much as I would like, obviously, and I feel like I am not making much progress.

In the process of going through my knitting stuff, I encountered a lovely mohair/silk scarf I started knitting around a year and a half ago. I recall being driven crazy by not being able to see what was a knit and what was a purl due to the nature of the fuzzy thin yarn, and I eventually lost interest.

I've pulled it out again, and am dealing better with the visual thing, and am almost done. This little skein of Artfibers Tsuki is lasting forever, though, and I feel like I knit forever and nothing changes. Logically I know I will finish eventually.

Here is the up close--

As I mentioned before, I have started a lace project, this time the Swallowtail Shawl from Interweave Fall 2006. I have been wanting to do this one, and since I found the magazine, it made it much easier to start (no snickers, please).

This one is not going very well. It seems like the simple lace pattern in the beginning is driving me crazy. I guess I am out of lace practice. I am plugging away, but not very quickly.

I am afraid of starting another project, although I'm dying to start a sock. I know my brain can only handle keeping two projects going or I am sure to mix them up and disaster will strike. So I will keep my tortoise pace going until one gets finished.

On the exciting front, I have received my Stitches packet, and am looking forward to going more than I can put into words. I really need a break from things around here. There is going to be a Ravelry meet-up, and I am going to connect with a few people I met last year.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Button Tree

button tree
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I have been knitting and I have been crafting. Unfortunately, my dear sweet husband took my camera on a business trip, leaving me with nothing to show my blog.

Here you see a Valentine button tree made for our upcoming Good Things project. I got the idea from this blog: . It was easy, and collecting the buttons/pins was by far the hardest part.

On the knitting side, I have started a Swallowtail shawl, and am finishing up a long ago forgotten mohairy scarf.

Since the camera came back from the trip sort of smooshed, photos of the knitting will have to wait. Coming soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Things

Well, it is official. 2008 is here and the Good Things group is up to its eyeballs in planning a bunch of cool stuff for the year. Here's the breakdown!

February 7
Button craft hosted by Cindy/Carolyn

March 11
Egg craft hosted by Carey/Chrissy

April 8
Paper craft hosted by Carey/Tracy

May 6
Patriotic craft hosted by Chrissy/Bonnie

June 10 Summer gift exchange hosted by Tammi/Cheri

July 8
Idea and stuff exchange hosted by Cheri/Elisha

August 5
Movie night hosted by Nola

September 2
Tea party hosted by Tammi/Cheri

October 9
Felt craft hosted by Cindy/Nola

November 3
Christmas craft hosted by Lori/Carolyn

December 9
Cookie exchange and gift exchange hosted by Chrissy/Bonnie

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Knits Travel World!

It's like seeing your children off to summer camp.

Here is Lisa and her two good looking boys on their England holiday, nicely showing off her Koolhaas hat.

We miss you Lisa -- see you next week! Oh, and anytime you need a knitted object to take on a travel, we can talk. At least the knitting gets around.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Out with the old and in with the new

First up, let's greet this year's first finished object, the Tilted Blocks Scarf from the new book Knitting New Scarves:
Made from three lovely colors of Uruguay Chunky, an alpaca, merino, and silk blend chunky yarn that is very soft and smooshy. Loved it!

There are benefits to having your yarn stash sprawled out on the dining room table, instant access for a quickie. I started this yesterday on a whim, and finished it today. Lots of quick fun, except when it came to weaving the ends.

Wonder how long I can get away with leaving the yarn out?
You know you are a process knitter when you run across two scarves that are done except for the ends woven in. One even had that done, but it wasn't trimmed. Must have misplaced the scissors. Anyway, I won't claim those as FO #2 or 3. Those are just bonus.

I managed to make 12 pair of socks in 2007, plus 3 orphans. I may finish those up and claim them as 2008 pair, I'm only human. To see a cute photo of all of them, look here. I can't seem to upload it to Blogger without getting it all distorted. I'll keep trying.

2007 was a very nice year

Finished Objects 2007
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Some socks, some hats, some bags, and some mittens. All fun!

Bring on the new year!