Sunday, November 18, 2007


If your name is Jean and you live in Wisconsin, do not read this post. God is watching you.

My Koolhaas hat is done. And quite lovely too, if I say so myself. My crush on Jared Flood is going strong. Hopefully Jean will like it. It is her color, periwinkle, and the pretty TrueLove Fibers yarn feels very nice.

Don't you think she needs a pair of mittens to go with it? I do. Problem, of course, is that there is no pattern for the Koolhaas mitten. So I made it up. I've made up things before, but this one I'm particularly proud of, since it was a little more complicated.

Since I in no way want to infringe on Interweave Knits or Mr. Flood, I won't claim this is my pattern, but here is how I did it:

Cast on 48 stitches on #5 needles. Do 2x2 rib until you like it. Do one more round, switching to #7 needles. I used the magic loop with Addi Turbos since I couldn't find my Knit Picks Options needle tips in size 7. Probably on something else I have forgotten.

Anyway, start the Koolhaas lattice pattern for two rows. Then start thumb gusset as follows:

Gussett round 1:Knit needle one in pattern. On needle 2, knit 11 in pattern, place marker, k1 f&b, k1 f&b, place marker, knit in pattern to end of row.

Gussett round 2,3,5, and 6: knit in pattern

*Gussett round 4: Needle one knit in pattern. Needle 2: knit 11 in pattern, slip marker, k1 f&b, k2, k1 f&b, slip marker, knit 11 in pattern.

*Gussett round 7: Needle one knit in pattern, needle 2: knit 11 in pattern, slip marker, k1 f&b, knit 4, k1 f&b, slip marker, knit 11 in pattern.

continue increasing like this every third round until you have increased a total of 8 times.

*Note: the pattern stitch right before and after the marker was knit through the back loop most of the time, and crossed when it made sense. This is why I don't write patterns for a living.

Next round: knit in pattern to first marker, remove marker, slip stitches onto waste yarn, remove second marker, knit to end of round in pattern.

next round: when you get to thumb gap, cast on 2 stitches using backward loop method to allow for pattern to flow right.

Continue in pattern until you have completed chart a total 4 times, do row 1 again, then follow the hat pattern for the decreases.

Pick up thumb stitches and knit in stockinette until long enough, decrease a while and end.

Easy as pie! Thanks Jared!


Tracy said...

Oh my Gosh!! How cleaver are you??
And so quickly too.....Jean will love this ensemble, I'm sure :)

pat said...

I am SO impressed! I LOVE the matching mittens - you are a great designer!!

Octopus Knits said...

Both hat and mittens are gorgeous! Great job (and what a great idea to make matching Koolhaas mittens)!

Nicole said...

So awesome. I think I may have to make these for myself!!

tiennie said...

Beautifully done! Great mitts too!

Jennifer said...

I know this is a really old post, but i have to post a comment to tell you how grateful i am for the Koolhaas mitten improv! when i finished my Koolhaas hat this weekend, i was sad that there was no mitten recipe, so i went searching and found this post. i have just completed my very first mitten ever, and used your improv recipe! i'm pleased as punch, over the moon, tickled pink, etc. etc.

thank you so much!!!