Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baring it all, plus a dishrag

I finished Carey's alpaca socks. They turned out very nice, if I do say so myself. They would have been done even sooner, had I not been trying to prove to Alex I am smarter than he is on Brain Age. It is addicting. And yes, he is smarter than me, for now.

Anyhow, the socks are the diagonal cross-rib socks from Favorite Socks. Great book. The pattern was fine, looks good, but it got a little boring at the end. The yarn is an alpaca blend sock yarn I purchased at Imagiknit in SF. I lost the tag to further identify it.

Look what I got in the mail! More Christmas goodies!

I am having trouble deciding what to do next. I think I am going to finish my Twisted Flower Socks to get that UFO off my Ravelry page. It is nagging me, can you hear it too?

I am also in a year in review kind of mode. I thought I should get my act together during the Christmas break and organize my yarn. It is in various places throughout the house, including many, many knitting bags which are like little snapshots in time. You don't want to know how many knitting bags I keep. Won't tell ya.

However, in the interest of full disclosure, I took this photo. Brace yourself.

This is the extent of it, except for maybe one knitting tote which may have a skein or two.

Now I do not plan on declaring a "knit from stash" kind of New Year's Resolution. I could not stick to that because I am going to Stitches in February and I like buying yarn. Sorry. I do. But I do plan being VERY choosy when contemplating a yarn purchase, meaning no more silly yarn or ordinary yarn unless there is a concrete project it is for. And I will try very hard to use yarn I already have when starting a new project. That should be easy because I have lots of good stuff.

I need to knit faster.

I ran across a lot of cotton from my crochet phase (lasted a month or two). I have never made a dishcloth that seems to be very popular, so I thought I would give my new rosewood needles a spin and I cranked out one today. Fun. Didn't use up much of the cotton stash. But I have a new dishcloth! I may also check out the market bag pattern I think is in the No Sheep for You book, or somewhere like that. Maybe it is destined to be a whole supply of market bags to help this family go green. Maybe.

Next post: Year in Review


Tracy said...

omgosh!!!! I do realize their are some crazy knitters in the universe that actually have more yarn than you....BUT I don't know any of them personally!!!! AND, the really big thing is-that I KNOW it's all GOOD yarn, and not the cheap stuff!! Partly because I've been there for some of the purchasing, partly because I've been the witness after the fact, and partly because it's No Secret that you're a yarn snob....Well, at least I can say that you knit & finish things more than anyone I personally know too---and it's good that you aren't going to start off the new year with a silly resolution that you're not going to buy any new yarn--

Tracy said...

We are fully aware that it wouldn't last beyond one trip past a yarn shop--and certainly not past stitches. So, The Real Question is...was Maurice gone this weekend when you so magnificently displayed your addiction??? Or did you really put it all in one place like that for him to see??? I am a little worried that you've uncovered something that was better spread out through the house, car, and other such various disguises (aka:knitting bags) I hope he doesn't get some idea about yarn diets or anything crazy like budgets.....

Cindy said...

It's still on the dining room table. He walked in the front door and said "A sheep exploded" and hasn't said a word more.

I'm sure lots of knitters have more yarn. I usually don't buy more than two skeins at a time, some people buy enough for a sweater of each kind. I knit socks and lace and small projects, so no need for a lot of any particular kind. Yes, I know I am rationalizing. And yet, not apologizing. I love yarn.

Suzelle said...

GET OUT !!!!!!! THAT is some serious yarn Cindy :) But, oh so FUN !!!!!

Pat said...

Now that's a nice Pile-O-Yarn!!

Anonymous said...

Of course I am smarter than you; I am the smarticalest person in the world

Tracy said...

I am a betting woman--
and I say anonymous is Alex!