Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hedgehogs and Pumpkins

We had to get a little more fiber in our diets, Tracy, and I, so we persuaded fiber goddess Janice to come over with the giant bag o'fluff, and her scary-looking felting needles, and we got down and dirty with the poking and created the cutest little things.

Aren't they adorable? I made the pumpkin (at least I'm moving away from the candy corn theme I had going the last few weeks) and Tracy was obsessed with making a little hedgehog creature. They both turned out great I think.

I'm now wondering what else I can do. I'm thinking a little bowl of 3D hearts for Valentine's Day?

It really wasn't hard, and is rather addictive.

We enjoyed welcoming Janice into the Naughty Knitters Wednesday morning group. We may even be persuading Tracy to do something other than a scarf again. And Lisa and Nolamom are booking on their second socks. Lots of progress even though there were pastries involved.


Suzelle said...

How stinkin cute are these goodies !!!!!

tiennieknits said...

These are adorable!

Mrs. Kimberly Cochran, Principal said...

Fiber, an interesting choice of material. Very cute!