Monday, March 02, 2009


I just love Stitches. For 5 days I get to just be Cindy the Knitter. Not Mom, Wife, Librarian, Brownie Leader, etc...but Knitter. I walk into the hotel and instantly I'm amongst my peeps. I'm sure my kids are rolling their eyes at that, but it is true. People knitting everywhere you look, people complimenting what everyone is wearing, people openly gawking at cables or lace walking by, people touching other people's clothes in elevators without hesitation and it all makes SENSE.

Tracy and I had our lovely day Wednesday shopping at Santana Row, this time joined by Janice. We had a nice lunch and made our way to the hotel, and then ate sushi for dinner while we sat and knitted in the hotel bar. (Okay, there were also mojitos involved. That was fun too). Tracy spent the night then departed just as the action began at Stitches. We somehow have to get that girl to stay. I'll work on that.

Then came the knitting fun. The opening session was intarsia, with such heavy hitters as Lucy Neatby (two different color shoes), Nicky Epstein and Jane Slicer Smith. Very cool. Then came the classes - this year I took intermediate cables with Melissa Leapman, Edgings and Flowers with Nicky Epstein, Fiendishly Difficult Stitches, and Harnessing Hand-dyed Yarns. So much fun. Made a lot of swatches. Learned a lot of building blocks to make my own designs on sweaters, etc. Should maybe try that sometime.

The evening events were fun too, punctuated by bad food as usual, and lots of knitting everywhere. What was different this year was how many people I knew! I was no longer by myself the entire time, it seemed like everywhere I went I recognized people from previous years and they remembered me too. I hung out with Janice for the most part, and we met up frequently with Wendy (now from Portland) and Diane came up for a day or two. One big knitting party!
Of course I visited the market too. I came back with yarn for a sweater for me, two for Alex, and a few (ahem) pair of socks. So many pretty yarns!

I did finish my February Lady Sweater and wore it to Stitches. I picked out my buttons on Thursday Night Market Preview (cost all of $1.50) and sewed them on in the hotel room.
Mom and Carey came up on Saturday night and met me then we shopped together until midday Sunday and then drove home. Sad to leave the knitting bliss behind. See you next year knitters!


Tracy said...

Fun Purchases!! Check out my blog for your sweet face with a mojito in the photo...see, I've got proof that it wasn't all just knitting going on there!

tiennie said...

Very fun! Glad you had that time to enjoy. :)

Pat said...

Looks like you were in a pink mood when buying yarn this year! Sounds like great classes and looks like a lot of fun!!!
Maybe someday.... ya right :-)