Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mmmm... Donuts!

Wilton has these new fabulous donut shaped cake pans that I tried out for the first time tonight. Gary and I worked together to make a dozen chocolate glazed donuts and a half dozen mini donuts. The recipe was super easy and the whole project took us a little less than an hour -- including cooking time!

Check it out!

Oh, and the recipe is right on the back of the box. Hooray for Sur La Table! Here's the link.


Jennifer said...

Love that picture of G holding up the donut. Looks like he's having a lot of fun!

Nola Mom said...

They look good enough to eat! Save me one.

electricmuse said...

yummy !

kcochran said...

Very cool! I think I will have to try it out. Thanks Cindy~