Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Use your imagination

Hi guys -

Still no camera, so pretend you are seeing photos of my nearly completed teal fuzzy scarf.

Isn't it lovely? The Willy Wonka everlasting ball-o-yarn may actually be shrinking.

Now pretend you are seeing the Swallowtail shawl, but thinking to yourself, "I swear it looked like that last time." Not much progress. Why? Because I'm trying to get the other project DONE.

And, I am doing my Stitches homework. The borders class has five different swatches. That one is done. I also finished the swatch for the Thursday class, "The art of knitting backwards." I just love the thought of that. It is so Knit Geek-like. Two more classes to go and those are the sock classes. They recommend using non sock yarn and I'm having trouble pulling that together without buying yarn specifically for the class, which I'm not that excited about doing. But I need to get it in gear since Stitches is COMING SOON!

I am looking forward to going to the Ravelry meeting at Stitches, and getting myself some Ravelry stuff.

I'm also looking forward to getting myself a new camera. Soon. Then you won't have to use your imagination.

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