Thursday, January 31, 2008

Carey creates!

SO... this head cold is really getting me down. But it has allowed me the time to create a little diddy for my friend Shelly.

Tracy actually was the inspiration for this little coffee book. She had one casually lying on the table as we came in. I, of course, sprinted toward the little scrapbooking bit of joy. It is a little gift-card holder friendship book made out of -- get this -- a coffee sleeve! How cool is that?

I simply cut the sleeve open and used it as a pattern to cut colored paper to cover the top (and disguise the logo on the sleeve). I also cut inside pages and decorated them with ribbons and stickers. The last page of the book, on the inside back cover, is simply a folded piece of paper that I attached with a dimensional dot. The dimension allows the gift card to simply slide right in!

What a fun way to invite my friend to coffee! (If you're reading this, Shelly, await a hand-delivered message from your husband this evening!)

Here's what the insides look like:


Tracy said...

Gotta love those paper crafting ideas--no matter where they come from, hey?

I think your version turned out GREAT!!

tiennie said...

Very cute! Feel better soon.

Queen of the froggers said...

Thats great! I hope you feel better soon.