Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas Knitting!

Merry Christmas to all my knitting friends and other friends who happen by my little sporadic blog. It seems that ravelry and facebook occupy too much of my time already, so my little blog gets neglected.

I have finished my Christmas knitting - knitting I have been working on since around October. I have been saving up the photos, so, are ya ready?

First up, Carey. She got a set of fingerless mitts and a neck warmer in Malabrigo. This is a unique colorway (fancy term for end of the bucket) that I fell in love with at Imagiknit a few months ago. The pattern is Vancouver Fog Mitts.

The neckwarmer pattern is Celtic Cable Neckwarmer and this is the second one I have made. Great pattern.

Next up is Jean. Jean is getting(or will be soon if the USPS is late) the Laurel hat I made and entered into the fair. To go with, I made some simple mitts in the same yarn. Yarn: Vintage Wool by Berocco.

Then we have Mom - she got the Damson shawl in Cascade Heritage sock yarn. As you may recall, Tracy got the same shawl for her birthday, and I ran out of yarn at the exact same place (even though I went down a needle size). Fortunately, Janice had a skein of the same yarn and I twisted her arm, and now Mom has enough left over to make herself some little socks. She likes 'em short anyway.

My mother-in-law requested bed socks, so I made dk weight socks from Sublime Merino with Angora cuffs. They are so soft, and she has been warned not to slip. She swears she will only wear them while actually IN bed.

My sister-in-law received the Raspberry Silk scarf I made earlier this year,
and Maurice's relative Nelly (WAY too complicated to explain how they are related) is visiting from New York, so she didn't escape the yarny gifting. I started her a little keyhole neckwarmer scarf made from stash yarn that was just waiting for the right moment to be used. It took around 24 hours to make, and was done on Christmas Eve, and given to her on Christmas Day. I liked it and may make another one sometime.

Happy New Year to all!!


Nola Mom said...

I love my shawl. It is so pretty and fun to wear. It does keep my shoulders warm. All of your items are really pretty. Good job. We all appreciate your hard work.

Sydney Klingenberger said...

What beautiful knitting!

Anonymous said...

I love my hat & mittens. They will get a lot of use in Wisconsin! I will call you this week and thank you properly!

pat said...

WOW - you are a prolific Christmas knitter!! All beautiful projects, but Mom's shawl wins :-)

Linda said...

They are all lovely knits, especially the Damson! Happy new year to you. x

Tracy said...

Wow-wee...You go girl!
Such pretty Christmas Goodies for all & it should be fun to see you working on your 10 in '10 as the year progresses. Happy New Year!