Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tracy had a birthday!

And I have been knitting her a little something without her even knowing about it. Aren't I sneaky?

It is a little shawlette/scarf called Damson, designed by Ysolda Teague, a favorite designer of mine who lives in Scotland and must have a cool life - living in Scotland and designing knitwear.
It uses one skein of sock yarn, and I chose a skein of Malabrigo sock in a lovely blue/black color that I hope goes with jeans or black or both.

I modified the original pattern by inserting a lace pattern into every other little triangle at the bottom. I had seen this on ravelry, and the originator had permission to give it out to others which she did, and there you have it! I think it made a lovely addition to the overall look. I also like the scallop edge.

Such a fun knit, and it looks good on Tracy. She modeled it for me at Whole Foods (our knitting group spot). The folks at the grocery store are getting used to a bunch of knitters being there, and now they are getting to see a bunch of knitters photographing shawls in front of the carrots. Good times!


Linda said...

Thats a beautiful shawl/scarf, great colour.

Pat said...

Beautiful little shawl - I LOVE the lace inserts!
Lucky Tracy!

Tracy said...

Tracy says "Lucky Tracy!" too...I just love how it can be dressed down or used when dressing up!
Thanks Cindy, your creations are truly works of art!!!

kcochran said...

Beautiful work Cindy~