Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Dilemma

I started a new job. I'm going to be a librarian at a small private school very close to home, but of course, not anywhere near the two schools my kids attend. I'm very excited and eager to jump into the new school year.

The faculty and staff went on a retreat yesterday to the foothills around an hour and a half from school. I knew I would be riding in someone else's car, so I brought along a new plain sock to knit (didn't want to waste prime knitting time, especially now that time is at a premium). I realized I would get a few questions about what I was doing, so there lies the dilemma I was faced with:

How much of the knitting self do I expose? I don't know these people very well, and I wouldn't want to steer their impression of me from "Gee, she seems interesting" to "Oh my, what sort of nut do we have here?" Especially after the reception my sock knitting got from my cousin at Good Things. Not everyone gets it.

When the conversation turned to what I was doing I told them I like to knit. True, no? The whole truth? Huh. I didn't volunteer my blog URL for them to see for themselves. Admitting to knitting and blogging is reserved for those who know the level of my, uh, involvement with yarn. I sort of decided that I would wait and reveal the inner knitter a piece at a time.

Meanwhile, I got this far on the sock-

I'm glad I didn't let the time slip by. I'm ready to start the last clue of the mystery stole too. This week is the first week of school for 4 of 5 family members, and all with different schedules that don't blend well, so knitting time will be scarce. Wish me luck, on the job, and on the stress management of home. Yikes!


Lori said...

Hi CIndy, Loved your note. GOod luck this week getting those school schedules worked out and with the new job. Glad you choose to use your time traveling well and go ahead and knit. I think those people probably thought you were talented and patient to knit a sock and besides, who really cares what people think? I'll be traveling the road to school with one of my kids going to school near you agin this year so maybe I'll see you on the road. GOod luck, Lori VO

Woman who knits said...

I never admit to a blog until I know someone is also on the dark side (I mean a knitter). Then I'll open up. I love the sock and can't wait to see it done.

diddlinaknits said...

I understand! my husband's family gives me the craziest looks when i say i love knitting or i have some with me to work on. or they call me susie homemaker or other such names. So many don't understand.
Hope the new job is going well!

pat said...

I'm right where you are as far as admitting my knitting craziness. I tried to explain my blog to a few non knitters and got a very non understanding quizzical look! I now reserve that info for knitters only and some of them don't get it either!
I just started my last MS3 clue too- I sure hope it blocks out and doesn't look too strange!
Good luck on the new job~

tiennie said...

I never never admit to having a blog! But I could care less who knows that I knit. Funny, huh?

jeanius said...

beautiful socks!
any reccomendations for yarn shops in fresno (going to be there this next week for a funeral)? great blog -adding you to my feed to read ;)

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