Monday, August 27, 2007

Odd and Ends

1. School started. Job started. Time departed.

Kids are cute--

And getting old. Alex is in junior high and Grace is in first grade. Wow.

2. My job is a lot of fun. Cuts into the knitting and blogging time, but I did actually finish a sock during football and Orthodontist waiting time (that's the other job).

I also have turned in the paperwork to enter the fair. I am entering a shawl, socks, and the chicken. I was a little disappointed that I only have three things to enter. Oh well. I still actually have to finish the socks too. I have 3 weeks. Normally very doable, but with the life crunch going on it is going to be a close call.

3. Ravelry is great. I know I have said that before, but now I have proof. I have for several months now been trying to find a copy of Simply Knitting's March issue to get the patterns for the little barnyard animals by Alan Dart who designed the knitted chicken I made. The issue has been sold out, and the only time I found it on Ebay the bidding was over $20 not including shipping from England. Well, last week I joined in a Simply Knitting fans group on Ravelry and posted on the forum that I was looking for issue. A wonderfully kind Raveler responded and mailed it to me! Without asking for anything in return! Isn't that fabulous? I plan on knitting her a sheep. Hopefully she will find that charming and not weird.

Hopefully the next post will include some mystery stole action. Stay tuned!


Octopus Knits said...

Busy, busy! Good luck with your entries to the fair. I'm sure she will find your knitting her a sheep charming (how could she not!) -- that was so nice of her to send you the magazine!

Tracy said...

I am glad you got your magazine and quite certain the receiver of the sheep will LOVE it & be happy she shared her magazine with you!! I hope I get to see the sheep before it gets put into the mail.....

pat said...

Oh that chicken should be a hit at the fair!
I still haven't had time to explore all the wonders of Ravelry, but your magazine find is GREAT!

Frank said...

rofl... I think receiving a knitting sheep would be very charming, and not weird at all... ;)

Good luck at the fair!

tiennie said...

Great picture of the kids!

Good luck at that fair!

Queen of the froggers said...

That is great about ravellry, I can't wait to get in there!

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