Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Patience is a gift from God, so is a sock to knit

Does knitting make you a more patient person? I have read all the mystical spiritual things about knitting and agree with them for the most part. When I am knitting I am happy (unless I have messed up, then I may be uttering less than happy sounds) and even thinking about yarn or my next project can transport me into a better "place." Yes, I don't count sheep, I count balls of yarn. Close enough.

Anyway, I like to always have knitting with me when I have to wait. I seek out car trips (and hate to have to be the driver) and don't mind waiting for the kids as they are shuffled about town during their activities. I am very proud of the fact I have something productive to do, no idle hands, yada yada.

However, I have noticed that when something dreadful happens like I finish my project at hand and I have nothing to do, I am more impatient than ever. To the point of wanting to strangle the person responsible for making me waste my valuable time THAT I COULD BE KNITTING. Yes, I know it is my own fault for not packing two projects with me at any given moment, however I usually shove my sock du jour in my purse and heaven help me if I try to cram even more than that in the abyss of my handbag.

Anyway, today I was waiting at the doctor's office and worked on the toe of the Twisted Flower sock. Then I got sent to the lab and got down to the final stitches, and since I didn't have my kitchener cheat sheet and needle with me, I had nothing more to knit. I looked around at the other 7 or 8 people in the room all doing absolutely nothing but staring at the ceiling and waiting and I wanted to say "People, where is your knitting?! I know my problem, but how can you just be wasting your lives away like that?"

Maybe they were praying. Maybe they noticed the woman who finished her purple sock and was sitting with them with a crazed look in her eye. Or maybe they were counting balls of yarn in their mind's eye. I'll never know.


Tracy said...

Sounds like you needed the other half of the purple yarn to be able to start on sock #2. (BTW, Some people do crossword puzzles while they wait in Dr. offices-this is known as playing with paper rather than yarn)

Queen of the froggers said...

I think that you are just totally obsessed with knitting, just like me really! ;) I get so twitchy if I have to go somewhere and I could be knitting instead of just sitting!

pat said...

I sat at a school "open house" listening to a very boring teacher for 1 hour last night WITHOUT KNITTING! (I didn't realize until I got there that I had left my little bag at home) Just think of all the free knitting time WASTED...It was hell!

tiennie said...

I get that look at times too but I always think, "hey, I'm not bored like the rest of you!" I always have project with me.

Octopus Knits said...

Ha! What are they doing?