Saturday, March 29, 2008


We just got home from a week full of knitting and not knitting.
I started the vacation in an airplane trying to remember Cat Bordhi's magic cast-on to start a pair of toe up socks. By the middle of the short flight to LA I had this -

Not exactly an entire toe, but a start. This was to blossom into an entrelac sock, pattern from Interweave Knits, Spring 2007 by Eunny Jang. I am using two colors of "Toe Jammies" one is Olive and the other a blue color that I forget the exact name. I bought them both at Stitches. Yay for knitting with Stitches yarn! Double yay for knitting backwards while doing entrelac!

I spent the week here --

looking at this from our room window (distracting me from knitting). We spent a lot of time by the beach/poolside, in which I was the only one it seems knitting a wool sock! Imagine that. Now, entrelac in the round is slow business, especially since I had never done it before, and I had the magazine close at hand pretty much all the time.
Here is the poolside shot of the sock in progress. By the flight home I was doing the short - row heel. No photo of that. Sorry. Now two days later I am only about two inches above the heel.
Our trip included a visit by the Easter Bunny to the beachside lawn, a little known perk of Easter in Hawaii is that you don't have to fill and hide your own eggs.
There are some other perks to spending Easter vacation in Hawaii, including getting to kiss a dolphin (and swim in dolphin-christened water, a fact they left out of the brochure.).
Now, in case you were wondering about the fair aisle socks I was working on, never fear. I have finished them, but they have yet to be photographed properly. More next time, including an updated photo of entrelac.


Tracy said...


Great shot of the front of the hotel & I think I see Grace in her pink Hawaiian dress in the very front of the crowd of those Easter Egg Hunting Children....

and those knitting photos aren't bad either--cute & intimidating looking socks you got going there!!!

I heard a rumor that you were possibly staying on a couple of extra days-that would have made getting ready to return to school & work really ugly...

Glad you made it home safely!!

Queen of the froggers said...

fab place, I am glad you had a good time! The socks look really nice.

tiennie said...

How fun!

Cindy said...

Hi Cindy, from Carey's-in-law-Cindy:
Wonderful pictures, and wonderful success on your sock knitting. I applaud. Was wondering if you had any problems with carrying the knitting needles on the airplane?

Cindy said...

Hi in-law Cindy,

I had no trouble at all with the knitting needles on the plane. Of course, I took the smallest wooden sock needles that are more innocent than a pencil would be. I did that on purpose, but no one said a word to me about what I was carrying.

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