Sunday, March 30, 2008

Socks galore!

Now, don't fall over from shock that I am posting again. Miracles happen, especially when there are sock picture to post.

As promised, here are the finished Sauvie Island Socks -

Not too shabby. They were the most fun socks to make, and I could easily make more. I would substitute my own short row toe and heel and find a different bobble, but the fair isle parts were great. I can think of a lot of color combinations that would be awesome. Black and something would be fun.

Here is the up to the minute progress on the entrelac -

The foot looks very very long, but when it is on, it fits. I guess because it is not that stretchy width-wise. Anyway, I am liking it overall.

Today is the last day of Easter break! Back to real life tomorrow.


Tracy said...

This is like the good ole days, when we got up to the minute updates on Cindy's knitting!!

I like it, you should keep it up!!

Anyhow, I like the socks-both of them. Will the new pair be done by Wednesday's meeting? Come on Cindy-don't let your job stand in the way of your knitting.....your public awaits.....

tiennie said...

Both are so pretty!!

Nola Mom said...

Both socks are gorgeous. They look even better in person. I admire your ability to do such hard (to me) projects.

Mo said...

Those sauvie island socks are gorgeous!!! I am so intimidated by socks. I have yet to knit a pair. :O

莫文蔚Karen said...

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