Sunday, March 16, 2008

I haven't forgotten you blog

I have been turning this "door prize" yarn - won at Stitches at the student banquet- into the sock I first saw on a knitter named Peg two years ago when we went to see the Yarn Harlot in Los Altos. It is the Sauvie Island Sock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. This is my first attempt at fair isle socks.

Verdict, love the sock. Hate the bobbles. The corrugated ribbing isn't stretchy enough and I can barely get it over my foot. But once it is on, it is a very cool-looking sock. Don't know how it fits into my wardrobe, but it is cool.

Of course, I have encountered little issues along the way. The biggest being that I am about to run out of the orange yarn. I then quickly consulted the internet and ordered a skein which is on its way to me. That turns the free socks into not-exactly free sock. Meanwhile, I am knitting along on the little ball I have left. I did the short row heel as the pattern said, but think I like Lucy Neatby's heel better. I'll try that one next time.

I also forgot to blog the pair of socks I started at Stitches as my "easy sock on the go" socks. These are made from Panda Wool, a bamboo/ wool blend in the Basil Curry colorway. I liked the yarn and the drape of it, excepting for that one knot! Argh. This pair was spoken for by my lovely sister, and since I really just knit them for the heck of it, sure, take them sister! Wear them in good health!

Now I know of a person or two which would like to put their name on the other pair, but I'm saving those for me I think. I'm a process knitter, but I do have my limits.


Suzelle said...

That sock is so stinkin' CUTE Cindy !!!!!!!!

tiennie said...

How pretty!

Anonymous said...

And also Happy Birthday Cindy and Nolamom (Gram to me!).


Tracy said...

Oh Man, I knew my hints at getting those socks I've been lusting after for well over a year wasn't really going to happen......but I'll just have to be happy seeing them on your feet-so please don't forget to show them off every time you wear therT