Thursday, July 24, 2008

Action Jackson Part 2

Grace enjoyed art camp so much that we decided she needed more opportunities to sling paint on canvas. This time, we (okay, Mom) decided she would do a piece of artwork for the small bathroom off the kitchen.

We went to Joanns and got a 18x24 canvas and some paint in our new color scheme (chocolate, green, orange, magenta) and got to work.

First we base coated the canvas the chocolate brown color. We worked together on this part, and Grace made sure I was doing it right.

Then, once it was dry and the yard was shaded enough to prevent all artists from sweating too much, she went to work.
Mom's job was to fill up the paint plates quickly and get out of the way!!

I must say, Grace is an excellent paint slinger!
The final product turned out perfectly!! We let it dry overnight and it is now proudly hung in the bathroom with new chocolate brown towels. We need a bright new mat and a couple of new accessories, and our mini-makeover will be complete!

A bonus is that our lawn is now very colorful!


Carey said...

Ultra totally cool. Grace, you rock.

Anonymous said...


That's Yarn Paper Scissors in binary code. :D


Lin said...

Thats a great piece of art!

Tracy said...

She sure likes painting!!
What's next for your little picasso?

tiennie said...

What an artist!

Suzelle said...

GREAT job Grace !!!!