Sunday, July 27, 2008

What to do while avoiding lace

My Juno Regina stole has stalled. I did the two end parts with all the charts, and now I'm on the "straight section" that is kind of tedious because you knit and knit and you've only done three rows which equals about 1/2 inch. I need more instant gratification than that.

So, I knit socks. Plain socks. Lots of instant gratification. The latest is out of the prettiest yarn I found at Imagiknit last time I was there. Great colors!! Unfortunately, the yarn makes Noro Sock feel like merino. It is so scratchy! I'm hoping washing with conditioner helps. The first sock was NOT fun to knit even though the colors were beautiful. It just felt icky.

Pretty though.

I also bought some lovely soft chocolate alpaca at Lambtown last weekend, and I have been searching Ravelry for something appropriate to make with it. I finally decided on the Celtic Cable Neckwarmer. I have started it, but only have this blurry photo to show for it at the moment:

Sorry about that. It is hard to see cables on dark brown anyway, but imagine how lovely they are. I only have one little skein of this alpaca so I'm trying to get all the bang for my buck possible. The next photo will be great I swear!

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Lin said...

That alpaca looks lovely, it will be a soft neck warmer.