Friday, May 22, 2009

My little boy

Is all grown up and ready to graduate 8th grade!

At our school, it is tradition for the first graders to be welcomed at the beginning of the year by the eighth graders, and in turn at the end of the year the first graders say farewell to the big kids at the Farewell Mass.

This morning's mass was just as ordered, warm weather, kids in wacky outfits ready for the annual play day to follow, and first grade moms blowing up balloons for the end of mass.

Here is Alex with the little boy who presented him with his balloon, as they walk out to the blacktop for the big "liftoff." I can remember when he was the first grader and that eighth grader seemed so tall.

Here are his real buddies - the first graders he has been paired with as "buddies" all year.

And there they go!

Here he is with a bunch of friends -

So grown up. So rolling his eyes as his mother gets all teary! So proud of our Alex!


Heather Forcey said...

It makes me teary to think Evan will be there in just 9 short years! Love the look of the blog, btw!

Nola Mom said...

My sweet grandson is all grown up and so handsome. I am very proud of Alex and all his accomplishments. I am happy that I could be there for both balloon ceremonies. Love, Gram

Tracy said...

With your son's height...the difference between 1st & 8th graders is even more dramatic. Fun photos of the day!

BTW, my daughter was on the 'red' team too....she reported that they came in 4th!! (she refuses to call it what it is, Last) How'd THAT happen with Alex on her team???