Sunday, May 17, 2009


May is crazy time around these parts, so I'm behind in blogging even more than usual. Here is a catch-up post...

Just before Easter Maurice needed to go do some business in Vancouver. He usually asks me to go along, but I never get the chance due to the kids, work, etc.. but this time I was able to rearrange some things and call in reinforcements and actually go along!

I LOVE Vancouver. The gardens, the water, the mountains in the background, the whole package. We had gone their many times before, but not since the kids were little. This was the first time I have gone in early Spring and it was prime blossom/tulip season. Beautiful!! It was a little rainy, but not enough to need to take advantage of the umbrella vending machine!

Knowing Maurice would be occupied with work, I did some advance research on the yarn store scene (thanks Ravelry!) and had one particular store in mind, Three Bags Full. It was charming, and had a great selection of natural fibers. They had an entire wall of Cascade 220 in probably every color, so you can imagine the amount of felting that goes on there.

I had heard that Sivia Harding worked there (she of lace knitting designer notoriety) but of course she wasn't there when I was. However, I did pick up a souvenir scarf pattern.

We also had a little time for regular sightseeing, such as Granville Island, shopping on Robson Street, and the like. My personal favorite was just soaking up the Canadian elegance at the Sutton Place Hotel, where we have stayed many times before. I think that is my favorite hotel of any we have stayed anywhere. Except for the Royal Hawaiian. Maybe they are tied.

Oh, did I mention that they are filming New Moon in Vancouver? And that is was rumored that the actors were staying at our hotel while we were there? We heard that from several sources (including fans camped outside writing Robert Pattinson love letters) but we never actually saw anything. But maybe I breathed air that touched him. Swoon. (Enough to make Emily jealous anyway).

Two nice dinners, one Chocoholic Buffet, and crepes with maple butter and back bacon for breakfast were almost as good as breathing Edward air.

They are having the Olympics in Vancouver this winter and evidence of that was everywhere - from merchandise already being sold on every corner, to a massive makeover of the airport and areas around the city. The airport was very nice - probably the nicest airport I have been to.

Overall, I wish we could have stayed much longer. We will have to not let 10 years go by before the next time.