Saturday, May 23, 2009

Small Town Joys


Not too long ago, we got the urge to take a drive. Gram, Pop, Grace, and I hit the road and made our way up the hill to Three Rivers. It is close to the Sierras, and a nice little hour or so drive from home.

And, ahem, coincidentally there is a nice little yarn shop there, Creekside Yarns. The shop has a very nice selection of yarns, including some very posh cashmere sock yarn at 35 dollars a sock! (I didn't get any of that - this time) I did come away with some alpaca that could become a Christmas present.

We also got treated to some very special scenery, metal farm animal sculptures. Why? Who knows. But it was fun to see.
We then made our way to the little town of Exeter, which is known for the murals they have painted all over their little downtown. I must say I have been in a lot of little valley towns, and this was a very nice example. Here are a couple of the murals:
We had lunch at a little "hole in the wall" place which was very yummy, and then we shopped a little, and then went to Kingsburg, which always must include a visit to Our Stuga, a great little shop.

It was a nice spring Saturday in the valley.


Heather Forcey said...

Next time you meander through Kingsburg, you need to find a little ice cream shop called Babycakes! It's owned by one of my best friends growing up. It's right next to BofA and she sells the ice cream that you find at the Superior Dairy in Hanford! Talk about yummy! I love that you just hopped in the car and drove! Fun!

Chrissy said...

I love the new banner Emily. You always do a nice job. Loved all the updates and pics Cindy. Thought of you yesterday. Lizzie was reading up on NYC where we are going and read about a place that is like a three story knitting 'bar'. I guess if you have enough alcohol those missed stitches don't bother you as much!