Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hello, I'm the long-lost Carey

So... It is official. I'm blogging. My silly sister created this blog to show our creative adventures. I've only been slightly creative as of late. (Man, that day job sure does get in the way. Yes, it pays the bills, but what's your point?)

Anyway, my most recent project was to create a scrapbook of the 2005 Stampin Up! convention. Instead of opting for a simple 6 by 6 book, I decided to try a fold-over 6 by 12 book. I'm only slightly fond of the results. I think the idea is good, but the fold-over looks like it will create some long-term problems with the paper cracking from use. I may just slice it all in half and go to the 6 by 6 album anyway. But it was fun to try.

To create the scrapbook, I used the new SU hostess scrapbook kit, which I just adored. They sure did cram adhesive-backed die cuts in every square inch of space this time. And the printed papers are very cool and use the new colors offered this year. Lots of browns, lots of trendy stuff. And tag die cuts are there too! How cool is that? I just love more stuff to use and play with!

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Emily said...

Hi long-lost Carey! Haven't seem you since yesterday. Cute book, I think I saw it on the camera before it was uploaded.