Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Things

Well, it is official. 2008 is here and the Good Things group is up to its eyeballs in planning a bunch of cool stuff for the year. Here's the breakdown!

February 7
Button craft hosted by Cindy/Carolyn

March 11
Egg craft hosted by Carey/Chrissy

April 8
Paper craft hosted by Carey/Tracy

May 6
Patriotic craft hosted by Chrissy/Bonnie

June 10 Summer gift exchange hosted by Tammi/Cheri

July 8
Idea and stuff exchange hosted by Cheri/Elisha

August 5
Movie night hosted by Nola

September 2
Tea party hosted by Tammi/Cheri

October 9
Felt craft hosted by Cindy/Nola

November 3
Christmas craft hosted by Lori/Carolyn

December 9
Cookie exchange and gift exchange hosted by Chrissy/Bonnie

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