Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Out with the old and in with the new

First up, let's greet this year's first finished object, the Tilted Blocks Scarf from the new book Knitting New Scarves:
Made from three lovely colors of Uruguay Chunky, an alpaca, merino, and silk blend chunky yarn that is very soft and smooshy. Loved it!

There are benefits to having your yarn stash sprawled out on the dining room table, instant access for a quickie. I started this yesterday on a whim, and finished it today. Lots of quick fun, except when it came to weaving the ends.

Wonder how long I can get away with leaving the yarn out?
You know you are a process knitter when you run across two scarves that are done except for the ends woven in. One even had that done, but it wasn't trimmed. Must have misplaced the scissors. Anyway, I won't claim those as FO #2 or 3. Those are just bonus.

I managed to make 12 pair of socks in 2007, plus 3 orphans. I may finish those up and claim them as 2008 pair, I'm only human. To see a cute photo of all of them, look here. I can't seem to upload it to Blogger without getting it all distorted. I'll keep trying.


Octopus Knits said...

Cute! I like the blocks.

tiennie said...

Very nice! Happy new year to you!

Woman who knits said...

That scarf is really neat! I like it!!

Happy New Year!!