Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Humming right along

I finished Josh's hat. It is a bit big, Carey losing her raffia and all. (She tied a piece of raffia around his head to measure, and then "a giant gust of wind carried it away.") Seriously. Anyway, it looks good, and it should do the job of keeping his head warm. And it has CABLES!

Here is what it looks like modeled by the bottom of a metal pumpkin.

Here is what is looks like on the only human in the household who would model it for me. Maybe Carey could get a picture on Josh, hint, hint.

I actually finished the hat by Friday morning. Since then I have been knitting my fingers to the bone, and I can't even tell you why! It is super secret knitting! The best kind. I sort of should have started earlier too, because my deadline is Wednesday and the project is far beyond a Friday afternoon to Wednesday kind of project. It is more a month type thing. I always do this to myself.

I haven't had time to blog, or check email, or anything else. I have been knitting like the wind, and my fingers are sore. Knitting should burn more calories.

Stay tuned for photos. Hopefully it will knock your hand knitted socks off. At least that I did it in 5 days.


Carey said...

I sent my dear sister a picture of dear Josh the moment he got the hat. Maybe she should check her e-mail, eh? Anyway, he did really like his hat. Yesterday it rained and his slightly too long hat kept his ears from getting cold.

Anonymous said...

Need to get something done by Wed.? Huh? Knitting day meeting deadlines are quite the chore--I spent my afternoon felting and shaping wool in preparation for our scheduled knit time--See you tomorrow!!! Fellow Naughty Knitter,TL

Joshua Tehee said...

This hat really is wonderful. Perfect for short bike trips to and from work when the wind is kicking up and maybe it's raining. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my warmth.


Cindy said...

I received no email from my sister as of today (Wed). I will add it when I get it so we can see the hat on its rightful owner. I'm glad you like it Josh, it's fun to knit for those who like the results.