Friday, November 17, 2006


I just registered for Stitches West! I went to the market two years ago, but this Feb I am going for the entire thing, classes, banquets, fashion shows, rolling in yarn, you name it. I am very excited. The only thing I wasn't too happy about was that lots of the good classes were closed by the time I figured out registration was open. I registered this morning and later today I got the brochure in the mail telling me registration opened November 9. Did other people get theirs earlier? Did they just sense it? Curious.

Anyway, I registered for a class on cables, a class by Nancy Bush on Vintage Socks (I have the book), a class on fancy stitches, and a class on knitting lace. I will be there four days. Four. Knitting. All day. Wow. Do I seem like an obsessed woman? Yes.

Carey and Mom will meet me there over the weekend to go to the market, but I'm feeling a little lonely. I need to recruit a partner. I'm usually not the brave one to do things on my own. I know I will be with my "people" so it will be fine. Right?

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Carey said...

You will be fine. Once you're with others of your kind, you will not even miss us paper folks. Trust me.