Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One lone sock

I finished the Trekking sock. Just one, because I needed the needles for other, more pressing socks for gifts. I haven't been very excited about this sock since I messed up on the gusset decreases a long time ago. I was determined to finish it, however, and now I did just that. I actually like it much more than I thought. I made it a smidge longer to accomodate my fat foot and it fits nicely. I wish I had another, to make a pair, but sacrifices have to be made.

On another topic, today I begin teaching the knitting elective at school. I have 17 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Yes I have started to panic, and yes, I know I'm crazy to volunteer for such a mission. I have a real problem saying no, especially when it comes to spreading the knitting karma to the world. It is fun to see how many kids (or grown ups) I can teach to knit. I wish I would have kept track of them all, but at this point, I have taught the elective 4 times with approximately 10 or so each time. I have repaid my knitting debt to the universe.

Thank you to Lisa (thank you thank you thank you) for letting herself be persuaded to help me this afternoon. The thought of teaching seventeen teenagers to cast on by myself had me more than a little on edge. Where is Tracy when you need her? I am hoping some of the girls are repeaters from last year, and maybe they can be helpers today also. I have purchased seventeen pair of knitting needles, and many skeins of learner yarn, so wish me luck!

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Tracylinney said...

Hey!! I would have helped if I had been in the USA, but you get yourself into these things when I am not around to help out--I am sure you did just fine with 17 little eager knitter wanna bees...I can't wait to hear more