Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lisa's wrists will be warm now

When I learn something new, I tend to obsess over it for awhile and have to do it over and over until I move on. I do this with recipes which makes my family bored to death to have to have the same thing several times in a row while I'm happy as a clam making it again (and again). They should be excited that I am actually cooking for them.

Anyway, I feel that same obsession taking over with this cable business. I'm now done with Lisa's wristwarmer/fingerless mittens, having cabled the both of them.

Next up is Josh's hat. I only had a request for a hat, and I'm sure he would be happy with any old hat. But it is a blank slate, waiting for all sorts of cable possibilities. Since I'm new at this cable thing, I won't go too crazy, but he is getting a cabled hat now.

Let's see how many other things I can reconfigure to stick a cable right down the middle.

I've got my eye on the socks. Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! They're gorgeous!! I can't believe what a beautiful job you did. Thanks for "showering me with love" in so many ways. Let's think about how I can reciprocate?! L.

betty said...

Do you sell these to the public? I just happened onto your blog via the catholicmom and wanted to tell you how beautiful the hand/arm warmers are. Did you design them yourself or follow a pattern?

I will include my e-mail address but I would rather not have it published. bettyc@ktc.com

You do beautiful work!