Thursday, June 21, 2007

Knittin' along

I'm a joiner. I get caught up in the excitement and can't help myself.

First came Project Spectrum. I'm sort of having an off couple of months. I will try harder, I promise.

Then came Sock a Month. I'm doing quite well with that, thank you. This month's feature is the Jitterbug sock, not the sexiest sock ever but it'll do. One down, one to go. This will be the 6th pair of the year, plus I have one lone sock waiting for a match when I have nothing else to do.

Next up came Summer of Socks. Yes, I realize that overlaps the sock a month thing, but I like socks and I like summer, so it seemed natural. Plus, I really want to sink my teeth into the Cookie A. pattern, and summer seems like the time. I'm thinking July.

Then came the Mystery Stole3. Me and 2500 of my closest knitting buds are going to do this lace project. The trick is that I get to finish the Shetland Triangle first so I don't have too many things On The Needles. I'm doing fine with the Shetland. The pattern lines up so it is easy to see as you go that you are going correctly. I am on repeat 6 of 8. I may do more repeats, yarn permitting, as it seems to be very small. If I run out of yarn I will just have a small lace thing. Not a problem, but admittedly, a shawl-sized object would be more useful. It will stretch out in the blocking I know, but it still seems small, doesn't it?

I don't know which color beads to use for the MS3. Here are the contenders. I will swatch with each I'm thinking, and see what excites me.

Here is a photo of the Chevron Scarf. Yes, I joined the Chevron Scarf Knit a Long, in case you were wondering. The Flickr group photos are so much fun I could look at them all day. I love color, and these are great!

I'm out of Knit A Longs for the moment. I'm sure if I tried at all I could find several more, but I am trying really hard to actually do the projects for the groups I join.

This weekend we are going to SF to a Giants game, so I'm already trying to figure out what to knit in the car. Lace? Sock? Hmmm...Isn't is funny how the car ride is the part you look forward to?


pat said...

I'm following right along on your same KAL path (except haven't gotten to the Chevron). I'm trying to get my Cloud Scarf done by the 29th so I have an empty spot for the stole. I still don't know if I'm going to use beads...I'm sort of not a bead person, but I'll be upset if everyone else's look gorgeous with beads and mine looks boring.

tiennie said...

Yay! A joiner like me. Will be happy to see your progress and FOs in all these KALs.

Carey said...

I'm glad to see your ugly scarf came out not ugly.