Saturday, June 09, 2007

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

Our hands were busy.

Most of us were knitting. Can you guess who is who? Cindy knitting new Jitterbug sock, Nolamom ending first sock of Tess Designer Yarn in pretty pastels, Carey (sporting ring) starting a scarf, and of course, Emily sporting iPod.

I have startitis. The Noro scarf is getting tedious, so I started the above sock, and as you can see, a lace project. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I haven't really done a true lace project of this size before, and the first line of the directions -- "Cast on 375 stitches" --was rather intimidating. I made it through that, but the first border charts are going SO SLOW. Each row takes forever. I may be knitting this one a long time.


tiennie said...

Very cool! It rained and rained here so no KIP for me.

Tracy said...

I took my knitting all the way to the swim meet(90 miles out of town) and then I got peer pressured into being one of the stop watch people, timing the entire swim meet--so, even though I promised to knit in public, it only happened to be a "carry the yarn & needles into public" day for me. Does it make sense to knit silk & wool so near a swimming pool anyway??? Okay, I admit that I do that regularly & here I went & let you down on KIP day....sorry.

pat said...

The nice thing about Ene's scarf is that is gets faster and faster as you go along - It's my favorite shawl (of the 4 I've made) Yours looks like a beautiful deep purple.

pat said...

(I'm answering in comments because I don't think you are getting my emails - I may be coming through as spam or something???)
so here is the email I sent....
Oh Cindy - I have no recollection of what I did - I'm looking at the pattern and my scarf right now, but I can't remember anything. The stitch count DOES change which makes those pointy ends on the border and makes the scarf turn out in the right shape. I know that it went smoothly once I got the 375 stitches on, but I can't remember anything.