Monday, June 04, 2007

Central Coast on a Saturday

We escaped! Just for a day, and not very far. Far enough to see grapes growing in the sun (okay, you can see that at home too) but these grapes will be turned into Chardonnay.

Grace saw two lizards. Cool.

I saw some johnny-jump-ups. So pretty.

Then my camera battery died.

I went to the Cotton Ball in Morro Bay. EXCELLENT, in the quilting/fabric-a-holic realm, which I reacquainted myself with. Ahem, don't tell anyone. I sort of found a little silk wall hanging kit that invites further exploration. More on that another time. I actually exercised self-restraint, mostly because Carey was freezing her buns off with my girls at the rock/beach and I was on borrowed time.

Made the rounds in Cambria, including the Ball and Skein and More, which has lots of potential, but wastes it all by keeping the yarn in the bags it was shipped to them in. The store looks like a storeroom, not yarn-purchase-encouraging at all. Plus, hardly anything was priced. I hate having to guess at the price. You sort of had to guess at what they had too, since in the bag it is all squished. I still managed to eek out a souvenir, in the form of Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn. They had a dog behind the counter which growled at Grace. Not very customer friendly.

In the car I worked on my new project, a chevron scarf that I have been seeing on lots of blogs lately. I am using Noro Kureyon, so the colors are interesting while the yarn feels like you could scour pots with it. I'm being optimistic that it will soften with blocking. A lot. I hope. Otherwise it will be an interesting scarf that I can't even give away in good conscience. If I felted it it would make a multicolored snake. Hmmm....let's send good thoughts for the softening. I wonder if anyone could stand a sweater out of the stuff?
Makes for an interesting photo.


tiennie said...

I have not seen a chevron in Noro yet. Can't wait to see yours all finished!

Suzelle said...

FUN Cindy !!!!! I *heart* the beach.

Tracy said...

It took you long enough to post this day trip to your blog!!! I've been stalking your site to get an update--finally--(I realize I am complaining, but with the future of our next knitting meeting hanging in limbo, I was anxiously awaiting an update)
ANYWAY, The photos are FUN!!! (I am envious of your coastal trip) I think the Noro is knitting up so pretty--can't wait to see it in person....although, I must admit that I am skeptical that it'll ever soften up ENOUGH to be wearable, I'll still try to send good karma for that--