Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Update

I finished the Noro Chervron scarf. Hooray. I need to block it now, and then I will post photos. Somehow Noro is interesting to me yet I always encounter something that irritates me along the way - this time the abrupt knot/color change I encountered, breaking the subtle long flowing color changes that were occurring. I don't know how much it will show to someone that doesn't know it is there. Last time for my entrelac scarf in Silk Garden, it was the one "block" of yellow that didn't repeat even though the other colors repeated several times. Odd.

The Jitterbug socks are going fine, I decided that I was bored with completely plain, so I made an Eye of Partridge heel, just for the heck of it. I am really liking the Magic Loop (still only 1 at a time), this time it is size 1's and KnitPicks circulars, 32" or so, and it works just fine (thanks Pat for the hint). The yarn feels like STR, although I am aware the yardage is not as ample. I always have plenty left over so I don't think there is a big issue.

Please note: There is red in this sock, so I can count it toward the Project Spectrum color scheme that I really stink at.

Next up on my long list of WIP's is the Shetland Triangle. I know, I was making Ene's scarf last time I mentioned this lace project, but let's just say I changed my mind. So far so good here, although I'm not very far. It is the "at home" project, and I have not been "at home" much this past week, so not much progress.

I am, however, feeling the lace mood strike, so much so that I signed up for Mystery Stole 3. I wasn't around for 1 or 2, but here goes nothin'. We will be given "clues" and eventually have a stole knitted. No hint as for the theme, except it would look best in black or white and has beads, and wouldn't be great for a bride. Hmmm....I wonder what that means? Halloween? Anyway, it calls for 1200 yards of laceweight, and I have three skeins of this which would be more than enough, and be a good way of using it up. So I will give it a shot. I figure since over 1800 people have signed up for this KAL I can always ask someone if I get stuck.

Now that my little Grace is 6, birthday season is done around here for a little while. Happy Birthday Grace!

Happy Father's Day Dad! Happy Father's Day Maurice!


pat said...

I just got some Jitterbug for my Red Bird Knits sock kit....a beautiful "Velvet Plum" - I'm still just fondling it.
Shetland Triangle will be perfect - I haven't knit that one yet, but it sure is pretty!
Now I'm going over to the Mystery Stole sight - I'm a little afraid to do this KAL - it's a huge project...what if I don't like it?? Maybe I will be as brave as you!

tiennie said...

What a great smile on Gracie!!! Happy birthday and happy father's day too!

I love knitting magic loop on 32" circs too. Your projects are looking great.