Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SF Here We Come!

I just ordered my tickets for the Stitch N Pitch Giants game on July 24 for me, Carey, and Alex. When I first tried to order them after waiting a little too long to see who was going, getting the time off for Carey, and general procrastinating, they had SOLD OUT! What? Oh NO!

I tried calling local yarn stores. No luck. I tried tonight on the web to find a contact number to try calling the organizers for suggestions. In the process I found myself back to the Giants site that I had no luck with before, and I clicked again and it went through !! Hooray!! Hooray!! I was really bummed that I may have to miss the game.

Last year, Carey, Alex, and I had a great time, and it is really that game and the coverage on the MAKE magazine blog that got me started with the knitblogging thing. I am really looking forward to another fun night.

Go Knitters! Oh, and Go Giants!


tiennie said...

Hooray!! Have a great time!

Suzelle said...

FUN :) Have a hot dog for me.....