Sunday, June 08, 2008

Giant Weekend

Look who popped back into the family--
Hey, we survived May!

At times, I was not so sure.

We capped off the "month o'craziness" with a trip to SF. Of course, you see the Blackberry is never more than inches away.

Recognize this?

We were here-

Although the game wasn't very good (lost big time), being there was fun and it was nice to get out of town.

Enjoyed some gelato-

and went yarn shopping. I was waiting to see if Imagiknit or Article Pract had the Rowan Pure Wool DK I was looking for. No luck. Although Article Pract said they could order it. Such a hard decision, support the LYS or save on tax and order online? Haven't decided yet.

I need to take photos of the yarn I did console myself with. I was actually good at finding yarn for Mom (Panda Silk in reds, perfectly her) and Carey (multicolored alpaca, perfectly her too). I did get a little tiny bit for me too. I have been contentedly knitting Stitches yarn for the past few months, and I didn't go crazy wild , but I did find some sock yarn....
Happy Birthday to Alexander - He's 13 !!
Grace turns 7 on Father's Day.
And Bella starts Puppy School tomorrow night. My babies are growing up!

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