Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Knitters and Nutkins

Now that I have a new charger and I'm back in laptop business, I need to update the universe on Worldwide Knit in Public Day, last Saturday. I was invited to join my new knitting pals from Ancient Pathways at Borders, where we sat and knitted for a few hours. Most of us were working on our socks from the KAL I'm doing at Ancient Pathways.

Lisa, her daughter Abby (who was reading "The Mitten" and also knitting at age 5), Angela (of TrueLove Fiber fame), and Janice (of French 75 fame) smiling for the camera.

I'm sure you noticed how I'm cozying up to the sock yarn dyers. I assure you my motives are pure, mostly, even though a skein just happened to jump into my knitting bag. The skein on the top is what I'm referring to, and the skein on the bottom is the one I had to take home with me last Tuesday. The ladies are actually very charming knitters, as are the rest of the Ancient Pathways gang. I'm having a REALLY good time joining them on Tuesday nights for this knit a long. I know I'm living on borrowed time since the schedule gets a little crazy during the school year, but for now I'm hooked.

Plus, I finished my first Nutkin sock! Tracy this morning at Knotty Knitters volunteered to be my sock model. I knit this sock per the pattern using the cuff I hadn't done before, and their short row heel, but I cheated and used my own regular toe. The sock is a quick knit, but it does twist a little. I also don't know if I like the cuff, it doesn't really hold the sock up. It does make a nice finished edge though.
Isn't the yarn pretty? Very Van Gogh. This is a True Love Fiber sock yarn, wool and tencel. Nice! Now for the second.


tiennie said...

How relaxing to sit and knit with friends!

Carey said...

Abby needs to teach Grace how to knit.

Queen of the froggers said...

Very nice Nutkin sock. :)