Friday, June 27, 2008

Two socks and one small crafter

Second sock is in the books. Yay! I had mentally moved on days ago, so I'm glad I could buckle down and finish the second Nutkin sock as to not let down my peeps at Twisted Tuesday Knit Night. Hair appointments are great for uninterrupted knitting time.

I am happy with the way they turned out. It is funny how this pattern twists. The photo doesn't show the pattern very well, but it is a larger size mock cable swirly pattern.

Love the yarn. True Love Fiber!!

Grace got a birthday present in the mail from Jean, a couple of crafty kits to keep her busy this summer. She has started with the loom kit, remember those? I remember them.

We had fun creating this together:

She is very proud of her creation and wants to make more. And she wanted me to blog her craftiness. She apparently gets how important it is to document your creativity!


Nola Mom said...

I love your potholder. You really did a nice job. I am very proud of you. You are just like your Mom. She is very creative. Keep up the good work.

Suzelle said...

Great job Gracie Grace !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're having fun with your presents!
Love, Jean

Joshua Tehee said...

Best little crafter ever! Good job Grace!

Kristen said...

Good job Grace!

Monster A Go-Go said...

Wow! You GO, Grace---junior crafter extraordinaire! Keep up the groovy work! It's FANTASTIC!

Carey said...

Grace -- I love your pot holder. I so want one. Or two! You're so talented! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

You SO rock, Grace!
And, by the way, LOVE the dress!

From auntie Carey's friend Monica

David said...

Unbelievable - I couldn't even make a snowflake right! Nice work.
-Carey's friend from work Dave R.

Anonymous said...

What a fun blog! I'm saving it to my favorites and sending the link to my daughter, Sarah, who is a great knitter. I crochet and love that, too.
I am your Aunt Carey's friend, Paula.

Anonymous said...

Great job Grace! It takes a lot of creativity and talent to make that potholder and you did a beautiful job!

~Your auntie Carey's pal,

Anonymous said...

Grace says she's amazed at all the comments. I helped her read them and she goes "Wow! Everyone thinks I'm great!".


Shelly said...

I'm jealous! You're a crafting genius. You take after your grandma, mom, and Aunt Carey. Keep up the great crafting!