Saturday, June 28, 2008

What to do with leftover sock yarn and lots of figs

Mom bought me this jar at IKEA a while back. She had seen it filled with yarn somewhere (Hmm... don't remember where) and said it was cute. I filled it with round skeins of green and purple yarn and it just looked squished. I set it aside, and for some reason it occurred to me the other day to make little balls of yarn and put in there. So I tried it with my leftover sock yarn, and I must say it is cute.

And on another domestic note, Nolamom, Emily, and I made fig jam. We have a fig tree in the back yard that is, after 10 years, giant and bursting with black mission figs.

We started by peeling the figs, and putting them on to boil with powdered pectin and some lemon juice.

Once that boiled, we added sugar and let it come back to a rolling boil. Then, after a minute, it was jam!

Here are our finished jars of jam. Tasty!


Anonymous said...

As you can tell, I made a new blog banner. I just wanted an excuse to ue the Jonas Brothers font. :D


P.S. I also gave the Good Things blog a makeover.

Queen of the froggers said...

Yum!! Your blog looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

I miss our jam making days. One of these times I'm going to try to make some by myself...but it won't be nearly as much fun!

Nola Mom said...

Jean if you come to California we will find some fruit and make jam. Every time that I make berry jam I think of the time that we made jam together. It is a very nice memory.

Octopus Knits said...