Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blocking, Winding, Stitching, Finishing

Tinkerbell is done, and blocked. The amount of happiness washing over me as I say this is overwhelming. Yay!

Here is the blocking in progress.

Here it is up close-

I like the way the pattern opens up after it is blocked.

Here is the Gracie Hat with roses sewn on -

It turned out okay. It is very heavy.

I am entering these two in the fair. I am also entering my Norwegian mittens I made a few months ago. They are made from Rowan Wool Cotton. I am looking forward to wearing them this winter.

I am also entering a fuzzy purse I made from knitted fabric strips. I forgot to take a picture. I'll do it later since Blogger is going down for maintenance in about 7 minutes.

I'm not the only one finishing things. Tracy finished her never ending shawl. Looks good, huh? I also heard Lisa is nearing the end of the baby booties. Maybe Mom will finish the pink sock and we'll all go celebrate.

After KK on Wednesday I went to Tracy's for a ball winding housecall. She made me lunch. It was very tasty. I'm still in awe of how nice her house is.

Can't you see me dreaming of my next project? Yes, I know I still have some UFO's out there, but I've got the itches to start something new. Hmmm, what shall it be?

Part of why I feel such relief at the end of these projects is that I have also had a baptism stole to do this week. I have been doing these for around five years now. I custom cross stitch the baby's name and date of baptism on one side and on the other a little verse about baptism. They aren't very hard, but do take some time to do. I have pretty much gone out of business with them because our parish doesn't really make the "white garment" part of baptism as important as they used to. I swear lately the only time I get an order is when I really have too many other things going. This time was just like that - I had the fair entries to do and it is school carnival this weekend, and soccer practice, and etc. etc. etc.....but I don't usually have the heart to say no to someone, no matter how inconvenient it is. Plus, that money is going to turn into yarn next week when I get to go to SF for two days with husbandia. Incentive!

Here is the one I did this time -

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Anonymous said...

Your finished projects all look GREAT!! Good luck at the Fair. TL