Monday, September 11, 2006

Half a hat

I'm not speaking to Tinkerbell. She has betrayed me by not being perfect and therefore, I must rip about 4 or 5 rows. I am not looking forward to this so I am procrastinating. I started the other fair project I must finish in 12 days, the Gracie Hat. I am using the Knit Picks cotton yarn that I waited an eternity for. I had lots of time waiting today (and therefore, knitting) because I was at the dentist with Mom. She was suffering and I was knitting.

Knit Picks yarn is value priced (cheap) but pretty good. I liked the way it was knitting up, but then I realized it was a really tiny skein. I checked the yardage and realize that no way was I going to get a Gracie sized hat from this little skein. I knitted pretty much the entire skein before I got home, where I immediately ordered another skein. And a few more colors to make a better variety of flowers on the hat. And a skein or two of this lace weight alpaca (Christmas is coming you know). And a SWIFT. Why? Because I have recently acquired some (ahem) yarn that needs to be wound into balls, and my helpers are not so enthusiastic around here. That, and Tracy told me it was okay. I just needed permission.

This time I paid for shipping. Time is of the essence, and I'm not getting any younger.

Here is the hat so far--

It seems like it is going to fit --

Why couldn't they have put more than 75 yards on a skein? I wonder if there is truly a reason. Other than making me place another order.

I'll spend my waiting days tackling the frog situation with Miss Tinkerbell. Now that I have admitted it I had better have it done before Wednesday or those Knotty Knitters will take me to task. I also have a sock to finish.

I had better start knitting.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you had better get knitting before you see me on Wednesday morning! Because......... I have finished 3 of my 4 ufo's!!!!! See, buying stash motivates me. I am sure this is so that I don't have to put up with Guilt related to the growing(ok,it was actually overflowing)basket of yarn. Now I only have 1 project cast on and's the doosey though...I found the Opera Scarf on Sunday and printed you a copy--You know they say great minds think alike--See you tomorrow.KK,TL

Cindy said...

How did you finish three projects? You are making my stomach hurt. I was going to come up with an excuse why I haven't fixed Tinkerbell, now I have to bite the bullet and do it. You are such a tyrant!