Saturday, September 16, 2006

It is a GOOD thing!

Creating things with paper and scissors is just way, way too fun. It might even be called A GOOD THING! Mom and I created the project for the Sept. meeting of Good Things. We gathered card-box tins for weeks in advance and then went shopping for decorative papers from our stash -- see, even papercraftes have stash, all you yarnies out there! We made kits using fun papers and matching ribbons and set the group free to decorate the tins. We all made such different but so, so cute tins to hold greeting cards, index card files or just general doodads. Fun!

Carolyn and Bonnie work on the tins. Carolyn made her tin for Karley.

Tammi used tea-themed paper for her tin. Surprising, I know...

Here's the group. Sorry for the only so-so photography. Dad using a camera phone is somewhat of a challenge.

After Carolyn created the oh-so-cute tin for Karley, Cindy decided I should make a tin for Emily. If Karley's got one, Emily should too. Well, that same concept works for Grace. If Em's got one, Grace needs one. So, Carey to the rescue! Here's what I made when everybody went home. Sleep's highly overrated anyway, right?

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Anonymous said...

Sleep is NOT overrated.

But the tins are cute =)