Monday, September 04, 2006

Some knitting, some shopping, same topic

I made some more progress. I have now gone through one ball of yarn (out of 6). I rarely seem to make it through the 8 row pattern repeat without having to take out a row. My mind wanders a little and oops, a mistake. Maybe I am not cut out for complicated patterns. Anyway....

I do like the way it looks. It will be worth all the pain.

I also have been doing some bargain shopping. I had coupons (I come from a long line of coupon shoppers) to Michaels and Borders, so I came home from some fun books. I also got a surprise gift from my favorite sister. After surveying the goods, I realize I have a serious one track mind. I have actually read other books about topics completely unrelated to yarn. I swear.

I am so ready to face soccer practice.

By the way, Grace got some totally cute pink soccer cleats. Being five has its advantages.

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Lisa M. Hendey said...

Cool - it looks great and if it's challenging you I know it must be really tough.

Bootie #2 has not made any progress and I can't come tomorrow morning due to my dental appointment (guess where I'd rather be!). Have fun and I'll see you at school. Lisa