Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas at Good Things

Our annual Christmas is a Good Thing event happened this year with one unwelcome visitor -- the stomach bug. Carey and Mom were stuck home tossing their cookies while I guiltily carried on the exchanging of cookie festivities for the three of us. They got the visit from the unwanted virus from us - blame kindergarten- and I am just barely over it myself.

I tried to document this the best I could so they could be with me in spirit.

First, the before photo:

These are my cookies in the boxes (I made Raspberry Eggnog Swirls and Italian Fig Cookies), my gift exchange gift (penguins) and my little favor things (mini knitted things I bought at Cost Plus because they were cuter than what I could make easily for this many people during the crazy virus filled Christmas season). Also included was a plate of the cookies to taste on Wed. night.

I took Mom and Carey's items and off I went with the loaded car to Chrissy's.

Chrissy decorates a house for Christmas. Wow. She needs to be in a magazine. Seriously. It is incredible.

Here is the cookie table. Chrissy also had some munchies for us to avoid anyone going into a diabetic coma from tasting 10 cookies.

Doesn't it look nice?

While partaking of calories, we played games. Chrissy always has done her research, and seeks to find which Good Thinger is the smartest. This test concerned Christmas Carol Titles and Geography. We thought we were going to get to eat and be merry without using our brain cells! Ha! I did manage to win one of the games due to skillful guessing (and only a smidge of cheating).

Finally, the presents! The stealing! The sport! What we wait for all year! (Or at least since June, the last time we did this).

Here is the before photo of all the gifts:

I stood in for Carey and Chrissy stood in for Mom.

Chrissy opened a santa teapot for Mom (so perfect)--

And then as usual, the merriment started happening and things got a little goofy, including
Cheri wearing a bow on her head, Snowman appearing, and then getting acquainted with one another, and all sorts of goings on.

Finally, I was weak and opened the last gift, putting a stop to the stealing.

Then it was a quick dash to exchange the cookies and relieve the babysitter (Pops who, having just overcome the virus himself, wanted to go to bed).

Blogger stopped uploading my photos so I'll try again later.

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