Thursday, December 07, 2006

The gift of knitting

A huge thank you to Lisa, Natalie, and Tracy, for helping teach the junior high knitting elective during these past few days. The class seems to grow every time we meet, and they are now starting to get the hang of knitting. It is so uplifting to see girls who normally just try to act "cool" actually get excited to learn a new skill.

It would have been impossible to do this on my own, so my fellow Knotty Knitters, THANK YOU!!

I remember the person who taught me to knit, Marie-Ann. She was my host mother when I was an exchange student to Sweden. I actually knit at least two sweaters while I was there, and I only lived with them for three months! My first project was a sweater. I began with the ribbing too, so that meant I had to learn knitting and purling right off the bat. The needles were small too, a size 4. She did it very matter-of-factly, like starting off with ribbing on a sweater was no big deal. I didn't realize I could have started out a little more slowly.

Anyway, I think of Marie-Ann often, and mentally send her a thank you every once in a while for giving me the gift of knitting. I hope that me passing on that knitting gift to others is a little way of thanking her.

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