Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I quilt too

Every once in a while I drag out the sewing machine and sew something. This particular time I made Tracy a santa quilted wall hanging. I hand-embroidered a santa (can't remember where I found the pattern, I had it for awhile) in red on muslin. I added red and white strips to the edge, then free-motion quilted the whole thing. I thought Tracy would like it because she likes the vintage look type things.

I have been known to have very little self control in a fabric store, almost like a yarn store. Fabric came first actually, and almost completely over-wrote my brain's addiction to yarn, in fact, I didn't pick up a knitting needle for around 10 years while I always have had at least one sewing project going.

Up until Carey mentioned "I want to knit something" I was perfectly contented being a member of the quilting guild, taking classes at Quilter's Paradise, and feeding my fabric addiction. I even was a Alex Anderson groupie at the Quilts in the Garden quilt show in Livermore.

Now, I still like a good fabric store, and can imagine several projects I have to make every time I walk into one. However, I am finding it very easy to pass over the quilting magazines in favor of each and every knitting magazine, and wish my boxes of fabric would magically disappear so I would have more room for yarn. Knitting suits my lifestyle so much more, it is easily portable, can be done in the stolen moments of life, while waiting, etc. and doesn't involve dragging out the machine and supplies only to have to put them away again before I am done.

I feel a little guilty that I abandoned my quilt addiction so quickly in favor of knitting. I can't imagine doing that to knitting when some other craft-of-the-week becomes popular. I know I can do multiple things, and I have been known to bead things, and decorate a cake now and then, but it is much easier to specialize, especially when it comes to storing the supplies for these hobbies.

Maybe heaven allows you unlimited space for crafting, unlimited yarn, fabric, supplies, books, magazines (always a new issue), and time to do it all. Sounds good.


Tracylinney said...

I think Heaven does allow for all the supplies, time, energy, and creative process to flow on multiple obsessions--by the way, it'll be effortlessly neat too--that's my little request addition...

Suzelle said...

DARLING Cindy !!!!!

Tracylinney said...

OKay, the red and white quilt is Darling, Now, You knitter, you, how about starting the red and white mittens??!!

Tracylinney said...

OOPS, I also meant to say-where are the new (daily) blogging updates-are those darling children of yours getting in the way of your computer time???