Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Things you should know about Cindy

I discovered a silly site, Blogthings.com, where you answer a bunch of silly questionnaires and can find out all sorts of things about yourself that you never knew. Did you know--

If I were a Brady, I'd be Jan.
If I were a work of art, I'd be be Farbstudie QuadrateBy Wassily Kandinsky (?)
My funky inner hair color is orange.
My aura is violet.
If I were a Sesame St. character, I'd be Cookie Monster (uncanny).
If I were a ice cream flavor, I'd be Rocky Road (how does it know?)
My boobs are named Thelma and Louise (I never knew).
I got 100 % on the 8th grade math test.
70% on 8th grade geography.
I'm 50 % weird.
I'm 70 % normal (must be a statistical variation).

I'm so grateful to the internet for saving me countless hours of inner soul searching to learn this about myself.

I wonder what Carey's boobs names are?


Tracylinney said...

Oh my gosh, did you really type this "Boob" (I can barely bring myself to type that word) on your blog??? Funny Girl. And the bigger question may be,,, will Carey tell?

Cindy said...

I'm still waiting to hear from Carey. Maybe she's embarrassed because they're named Bert and Ernie.

And I have no boob embarassment. It comes from nursing three children for a year each. I've shown Thelma and Louise to quite a few folks and lived to tell. The word is much easier than the real thing.

Anonymous said...

If you must know, the boobie name generator says mine are Thunder and Lightning. So there.

Tracylinney said...

WOW! Thunder & Lightning sure out power Bert & Ernie--You showed her a thing or two for getting smart with you--Go Girl.

Cindy said...

Okay Tracy, let us know yours - perhaps Mary Kate and Ashley? Laverne and Shirley? Lucy and Ethel? Do tell!