Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year!

My knitting resolutions for 2007-

1. Knit a pair of socks each month (finishing the three outstanding pairs I have going counts for January)
2. Enter in the fair again.
3. Knit a complicated sock pattern.
4. Knit something lace.
5. Knit something with fairly complicated cables.
6. Knit from existing stash more often than with new stuff (I realize this isn't much of a yarn diet, but let's be realistic here)
7. Teach all the new Naughty Knitters to purl.
8. Organize my supplies better.

Happy New Year everyone! I will be away from the blog until Tuesday. Maybe Carey will entertain you in my place.

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Tracylinney said...

HA-HA, I beat you to the teaching the new NK (KK) to purl--after, I admit, an emergency refresher course, via the cell phone--I gave Suzelle & Natalie their first look at Purl stitch and even got a "Oh, wow, I can try that!" See me smiling??? I'll never be the knitting guru that you are, but it sure is fun to show someone else something new....Smilie Face