Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Still May!!

And the socks are done! Yay me!

But first, here is why the knitting/blogging is slow this month --

Two graduations. The first, my firstborn graduating from eighth grade--

Here she is with two classmates (one of whom is her BFF Karley) at the pre-graduation brunch. Each graduate was given a very nice silver cross and a cute cookie that looked just like themselves!


After the ceremony we lunched and gifted the new highschool bound teenager-

That was Saturday. Today was Grace's turn. My kindergartener graduated. My little baby girl is almost 6 and in first grade. Yikes.
It is almost impossible not to tear up in the presence of all this cuteness--

Grace is the one in blue in the front row. When they sat down Grace flashed the entire congregation. I'm so proud.

Here she is with her teacher.

Grace and Brianna -- who happens to be Emily's BFF's sister.

In Knitting news, (you thought I forgot, didn't you?) the socks for May were finished after graduation today, but before dance class.
These were my Magic Loop socks. Love the loop. Used Tofutsies, the same kind of yarn tried once before, but abandoned after they pooled incredibly and horribly. I gave it another shot, and the first socks looks very nice, doesn't it?

The second sock started going all crazy like and looks more like tiger stripes or something. Not good. I have two more balls of this yarn and I'm not so excited about it. I would have to say they are the least exciting and satisfying socks I have knit. The yarn feels good, if that is any consolation.
This ball of yarn was originally meant for Project Spectrum several months ago. I get distracted easily.
Next month (three hours from now) the colors turn to black, red, and metallic. Not my colors, more Nolamom's cup o'tea. I will try to make a token project to show I can get with the program.
Tomorrow is also the last day of school. Hooray! Only "non-graduating" Alex has to go to school tomorrow. He's so excited.
Hooray for summer!


Tracy said...

Good Job on getting those socks done before a new month began--one sock does look more handsome than the other--HUMMM--What's up with the yarn that stripes SO differently on 1/2 of the ball than the other? I can't imagine how sad I would have been after creating that many stitches--See, some of us just aren't up to the SOCK CHALLANGE....On another note, the girls Grad photos look GREAT!!

tiennie said...

Very sweet! Congrats to the graduates!

pat said...

Well - a lot has been happening! Congratulations on your graduating children!!
I've not tried the Tofutsies yarn, and now you are talking me out of it!Although I don't mind weird striping/zigagging/pooling - so maybe I'll like it! I think your socks look great... Yay for the magic loop